Requesting PMIP 2 DB Access


Who can access the DB?

The PMIP 2 database is now open! You can use the data without requesting data access.

Acknowledging the DB

When you write a paper, make sure that you acknowledge the DB the way it is specified in the Citing and Acknowledging the DB section. Make also sure that you send a draft and the accepted version of your papers (along with the apropriate references) to the webmaster.

Submitting a project (optional)

You do not have to submit a project to let us know how you intend to use the data any more.

If you send a project ("title/contact/people involved /aim/methods" or "title/contact/people") to the webmaster, we will add you to the pmip-annonce mailing list and try to find some time to add your project to the list of existing projects.

Downloading data from the DB

Follow the instructions in the Remote Access section, to download data files from the server.

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