Citing and Acknowledging the PMIP 2 DB


Citing the database

Unless model data providers have contributed substantially to your paper during the writing or the reviewing process, you do not need to include them in the authors, provided that you cite AND acknowledge the DB correctly.

When you write a paper using the PMIP 2 DB, you have to cite the following PMIP 2 overview/reference paper:

Results of PMIP2 coupled simulations of the Mid-Holocene and Last Glacial Maximum - Part 1: experiments and large-scale features
Climate of the Past, Volume 3, Number 2, 261-277, 2007
P. Braconnot, B. Otto-Bliesner, S. Harrison, S. Joussaume, J.-Y. Peterschmitt, A. Abe-Ouchi, M. Crucifix, E. Driesschaert, Th. Fichefet, C. D. Hewitt, M. Kageyama, A. Kitoh, A. Laîné, M.-F. Loutre, O. Marti, U. Merkel, G. Ramstein, P. Valdes, S. L.Weber, Y. Yu, and Y. Zhao

Note: you can access the paper at the following URL

Standard acknowledgement

Please include (something close to) the following acknowledgement in your papers, if you have used data from the PMIP 2 database:

"We acknowledge the international modeling groups for providing their data for analysis, the Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l'Environnement (LSCE) for collecting and archiving the model data, ...add your customized acknowledgements here... The PMIP 2 Data Archive is supported by CEA, CNRS and the Programme National d'Etude de la Dynamique du Climat (PNEDC). The analyses were performed using version mm-dd-yyyy of the database. More information is available on"


Do NOT forget !!!

Thank you for citing AND acknowledging the database correctly, but please do not forget the following:

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