PMIP 2 Mailing Lists


Existing lists

Several mailing lists have been created for the PMIP 2 project.

pmip-announce is completely private: only members of the list can send mails to the list, access the list's archives and get the names and e-mail addresses of the current subscribers. Moreover, only the lists' owner can add new persons to the lists. This should guarantee that no spam will be sent to the lists.

The other list, pmip2-com, works the same way, but anybody (including people who are not subscribers) can send mails to get in touch with the PMIP 2 commitee.

The lists are not moderated: a mail sent to the lists is directly forwarded to the subscribers.

The mails sent to the lists are stored in monthly archives that you can easily retrieve (if you are a subscriber) by sending a mail to the list server program.

When you send a message to a list, a list-dependant tag (or keyword) will automatically be inserted in front of your subject to make it easier to identify and sort the PMIP 2 related mails.

List Topic
pmip-announce Paleoclimate Modelling Intercomparison Project - PMIP related news

This is the PMIP ANNOUNCE LIST and you should use it to send messages to the PMIP community and to people who are loosely related to the PMIP project(s).

Please, use a more specific PMIP mailing list if you only need to reach the PMIP community or if you need to share restricted information with the other PMIP core members.

Tag: [PMIPn news]

pmip2-com Paleoclimate Modelling Intercomparison Project Phase 2 - PMIP2 Committee


The names of the commitee members are available on the PMIP 2 scientific contacts page.

Tag: [PMIP2 Com]

If you think that we should create additional mailing lists, or that you should be added to one of the lists, please send a detailed request to the webmaster.

Still, we would prefer to keep the number of mailing lists as small as possible, and we count on your using clear enough subjects for the mails you send to the existing lists, so that people who should read them do so (and answer) as quickly as possible!

Using the lists

E-mail addresses for the lists

Using the lists is as simple as sending a mail. You can either send a mail directly to the lists when you want to get in touch with fellow subscribers, or send a mail to the list server program with the apropriate command(s).

Destination e-mail address
List Server

Choosing the right subject...

Make sure you use the correct list and a clear enough subject!

It is a good idea to use an extra message tag (or a comma-separated list of tags) in your subject, that will be added after the automatic list tag (go back to the previous section if this is not clear).

Example: you want to send a mail about an incoming conference, that should reach as many PMIP related people as possible.

Solution: send a mail to pmip-announce with a subject like
    [CONF] PMIP 1 100th anniversary at the Moon Conf Center

Result: pmip-announce subscribers (you included) will receive a mail with the following subject:
    [PMIPn news] [CONF] PMIP 1 100th anniversary at the Moon Conf Center

We suggest you use the following tags (you can send more keywords to the webmaster).

Tag Main topic of the mail
BC Boundary conditions
xK x ka run
WEB PMIP 2 web site
DB PMIP 2 database
CONF PMIP 2 related conference

Things to be aware of!

List server commands

You can put a single command in the subject of the mail you send to the list server, or one or multiple commands in the body of the message. The most useful commands are listed in the following table. Only the capitalized part of the commands is actually required, and you can use upper or lowercases.

Note: LSCE intranet users can access most of the following options on the web ([ pmip-announce ], [ pmip2-com ])

Command Effect
Note: you can click on a command below to directly send a mail to the list server
HELp Get help!
INFO pmip-announce
INFO pmip2-com
Get information about the list
REView pmip-announce
REView pmip2-com
Get the subscribers' names
(if you are a member of the list)
WHICH Get the names of the lists you are subscribed to
UNSubscribe pmip-announce
UNSubscribe pmip2-com
Leave a list
(Note: if you use this command, you will receive a mail from the list server asking you to confirm your action)
SET pmip-announce NOMAIL
SET pmip2-com NOMAIL
Suspend message reception
(without leaving the list)
SET pmip-announce DIGEST
SET pmip2-com DIGEST
Receive mails in digest mode
(messages sent to the list are grouped, and you get them twice a week)
SET pmip-announce MAIL
SET pmip2-com MAIL
Resume normal message reception
(cancel the effect of the NOMAIL and DIGEST options)
INDex pmip-announce
INDex pmip2-com
Get the content of the archives (old mails)
GET pmip-announce 200x-MM
GET pmip2-com 200x-MM
Retrieve a file from the archive
(e.g. 2008-06, mails sent in June 2008)
LAST pmip-announce
LAST pmip2-com
Get last message sent to the list

The list administrators can also use the following commands:

Command Effect
ADD pmip-announce user@host Last_Name, First_Name
ADD pmip2-com user@host Last_Name, First_Name
Add a new subscriber to the list
DEL pmip-announce user@host
DEL pmip2-com user@host
Remove a subscriber from the list
STATS pmip-announce
STATS pmip2-com
Get list's usage statistics


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