PMIP 2 and the CMOR library


Using the CMOR library will make it easier to produce netCDF data files following both the CF and the PMIP 2 conventions for the PMIP 2 database.

The following tables have been designed to give you an easy access to CMOR and related resources.

Note: The PCMDI and the local version of the files should be the same... but we strongly advise you to always check both versions and work with the latest one! This also applies to the content of the documention directory (Doc) supplied with the CMOR source code.



CMOR readme file [www]
CMOR User's Guide [pdf] [pdf]
CMOR source code [ftp] [http]
(V. 0.96
CMOR IPCC configuration tables [ftp] [http]
CMOR PMIP2/MOTIF configuration tables   [html]

In order to compile and use CMOR, you will also need a fortran 90 compiler and the following two libraries installed:

  Web Download
UNIDATA NetCDF (network Common Data Form) library

An interface for machine-independant array-oriented data access
[www] [ftp]

A library for manipulating units of physical quantities
[www] [ftp]

Note: if you don't already have a fortran 90 compiler, you can easily get an evaluation version of the Intel Fortran Compiler 8.0 (or later) for Linux (ifort):

Intel Fortran Compiler for Linux [www]

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