1. What should I do if I find something wrong on the web site?

    You should send a mail right away to the webmaster, detailing what should be corrected (broken link, typo, ...) or improved. Don't forget to mention the exact URL of the web page! The easiest way to do this is to click on the @ sign that you can find in the footer of all the page. This will open your mail client with a predefined subject giving the reference of the current web page.

  2. How can I quickly explore the PMIP 2 site?

    You should first display the Site Map by selecting it in the left frame menu or from the bottom of any web page. You will then be able to access most of the web site's sections directly by clicking on the apropriate link. The site map will remain in the main window, and the pages you select will all be displayed in the same external window.

  3. Where can I download the different versions of the PMIP 2 logo?

    The different versions of the logo are available on the Logos page. There are links to this page in many places of the web site, but the easiest way to access it is to click on the big PMIP 2 logo on the home page!

  4. I have clicked on a link and nothing happened...

    Most of the the links to other web sites will open in a new web browser window, instead of the main PMIP 2 window. This external window is the same for all the external links. So, if you have already opened it and iconified or hidden it, you will not be able to see new information appearing in the window, even if its content has been updated! You have to click on the window to reopen it.

  5. Why don't you give the e-mail addresses of PMIP 2 related people in the web pages?

    You have to click on someone's name to get the person's e-mail address displayed in a popup window... We understand that it makes it a bit harder than usual to copy an address, but we hope that this will make it even harder for programs that automatically collect addresses on web pages and then use them to send spam mails.

  6. How can I bookmark a specific PMIP 2 page?

    Creating a bookmark the usual way will only bookmark the PMIP 2 Home Page. In order to bookmark a specific page, you first have to open it in a new window (instead of having it displayed in the right frame, as usual), and only then bookmark the page.

    To open a page in a new window, select something like Open link in new window by right-clicking on the link instead of clicking on it the usual way (left button). You can also access PMIP 2 pages through the Site Map. Clicking on a link listed in the Site Map page will open the selected page in an external frameless window.

    Note: depending on your browser, you can probably copy the URL of a web page directly from the popup menu you get when you right click on a link...

  7. What should I to do to print tables nicely?

    The PMIP 2 web site extensively uses tables with a colored background to display information. Unfortunately, the background colors are not printed by default by web browsers, which may produce slightly unreadable printed pages (unless you don't mind reading tables where you can't see the cells' limits :).

    We strongly advise you to enable background color printing in your browser if you intend to print some PMIP 2 pages (e.g. PMIP 2 Boundary Conditions). The following table shows the steps you have to follow to do this, for some browsers/platforms we have access to.

    Note: the tables will print nicely even on a black and white printer. You don't have to use a color printer, even if you enable background color printing! Printed pages may actually appear even nicer on a black and white printer...

    (1.1 and above)
    File menu
    -> Page Setup
       -> Format & Options
         -> Print Background (colors & Images)
    Internet Explorer
    (5.5 and above)
    Tools menu
    -> Internet Options...
       -> Advanced
         -> Printing
           -> Print background color and images
    Internet Explorer
    (5.0 and above)
    File menu
    -> Print...
       -> Internet Explorer
         -> Print background
    Netscape Communicator
    (4.75 and above)
    File menu
    -> Page Setup
       -> Print background
    Netscape Communicator
    (4.5 and above)
    File menu
    -> Page Setup
       -> Netscape Communicator
         -> Print Backgrounds
    Netscape Communicator
    (4.78 and earlier)
    Background color printing not available...

  8. When will the PMIP 2 site be entirely translated into French?

    As soon as possible... :)

    Meanwhile, you can check the Site Map page to get a rough idea of which parts of the site are already translated.

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