PMIP 2 River Routing Data


The third beta version of the river data set (beta 3) has been temporarily taken off-line and is being checked.

Any problem should be immediately reported to Sandy Harrison, Michael Coe, Kerstin Sickel and Jean-Yves Peterschmitt.

Generating the data

The data sets were produced with the HYDRA river routing model with unlimited runoff in order to determine potential river routes. The model predicted river direction, river routes and river basins.

Please note that the HYDRA simulations produced many more rivers and river basins than what is commonly incorporated in climate models. This information was not reduced because it was not yet clear what would be most useful to do...

Note about the topography

The modern topography that was used is different from the one used by W. R. Peltier in ICE-5G. It was produced by combining several different 5-minute Digital Elevation Models, using the best one for each region to ensure a reasonably correct simulation of the modern drainage network.

The LGM topography was then generated by applying the 21ka-0ka topographic anomaly from the ICE-5G data set to the modern data set. The land-ice was then overlaid as a mask on this topography.

The river direction windrose

The directions of the rivers stored in the river_dis_[0,21] use the following convention:

NW = 8 N = 1 NE = 2
W = 7   E = 3
SW = 6 S = 5 SE = 4

The basin numbering scheme

The Sea-Ice-Land mask

The mask is on a 5-minute grid and uses the following convention:

Water = 0 Land = 1 Ice = 2

Credits and references

The procedure for generating the data sets will be fully described in a paper that is currently in preparation. Until the reference is available, please cite the data as:

Harrison et al., in prep

Data files

The data files are provided on a 5-minute grid (4320x2160 points) in netCDF format (note that their name and internal structure may still evolve a bit...).

If you have technical questions about the data files, please get in touch with Kerstin Sickel and Jean-Yves Peterschmitt.

[10/20/2004] Warning!

The third beta version of the river data set (beta 3) has been temporarily taken off-line and is being checked.

  0K 21K
River direction
River discharge
River basin
Quick look Europe_0k
Sea/Ice/Land mask
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All the gzipped data files in a single tar file pmip2_river_data_b3.tar
All the gzipped quick-looks in a single tar file pmip2_river_quicklooks_b3.tar
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