PMIP 2 DB Available Models (DB Content Summary)


Available models

The table below lists what experiments are available for each model in the database.

If you want more details about what variables are available for the models, you can visit the detailed Available experiments (by model) page, or click on a model name in the following table to jump directly to this model's statistics.


Model Updated OA OAV
0 6 21 0 6 21
CCSM 09/20/2006 X X X      
CNRM-CM33 01/20/2010 X   X      
CSIRO-Mk3L-1.0 07/21/2008 X X        
CSIRO-Mk3L-1.1 07/21/2008 X X        
ECBILTCLIO 04/12/2007 X   X      
ECHAM5-MPIOM1 03/06/2006 X X        
ECHAM53-MPIOM127-LPJ 09/05/2008 X X X X X X
FGOALS-1.0g 09/01/2008 X X X      
FOAM 04/27/2005 X X   X X  
GISSmodelE 04/17/2008 X X        
HadCM3M2 07/27/2006 X   X X   X
IPSL-CM4-V1-MR 09/04/2008 X X X      
MIROC3.2 04/28/2005 X X X      
MIROC3.2.2 03/07/2007 X   X      
MRI-CGCM2.3.4fa 09/03/2008 X X   X X  
MRI-CGCM2.3.4nfa 09/03/2008 X X   X X  
UBRIS-HadCM3M2 08/08/2005 X X   X X  
Model Updated OA OAV
0 6 21 0 6 21

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