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Please note that the First PMIP 2 Workshop is also referred to as the Giens Workshop because it will take place on La Presqu'île de Giens in the South of France, between Toulon and Nice, NOT to be confused with the town of Gien (no trailing s...) that is in the center of France!


The workshop will take place from Sunday April 3rd 2005 (evening) to Friday April 8th 2005 (afternoon). The detailed program of the workshop is available in the Programme section.

Make sure that you send Pascale Braconnot and Florence Gerry the exact dates when you will be attending the meeting.


The workshop will take place in France, in the VVF "La Badine" located on La Presqu'île de Giens, near Toulon. The closest town is Hyères, just next to the Toulon-Hyères airport.

If you have not read the red text at the top of this page, make sure that you go to Giens and NOT Gien (no trailing s...)!

Coordinates of the Conference Center:

   VVF "La Badine" :

   Presqu'île de Giens
   83408 Hyères-Les-Palmiers Cedex

   Phone +33 (0)4 94 58 21 51
   Fax +33 (0)4 94 58 96 38

You can get extra information about the area on the Hyères Tourist Office's web site (there is a nice map of the area).

The local weather will hopefully be nice :).

Getting there...

It is up to the participants to arrange their transportation to the conference center.

We will try to provide a list of the arrival times of the participants if you want to share ground transportation.

You can get maps of the area of the Michelin and the Maporama web sites.

By plane

The nearest airport is Aéroport de Toulon-Hyères, and is 10 km away from the VVF.

By train

You should try to get a train all the way to the Hyères train station (12 km away from the VVF). You can also stop at the Toulon station, but then you will still be 27 km away from the VVF...

You can access the train timetables and make reservations on the SNCF web site.

By car

Going to Hyères-Les-Palmiers when you are coming from Lyon:

By bus or taxi

Note tha the workshop will start on a Sunday evening and that there are less trains and buses on sundays...

Financial details


The workshop has received financial support from CLIVAR, PAGES, CEA and CNRS, which should cover about half the price of the local accomodation.

This financial support will be shared between all the participants, except for a few specific cases that have been discussed with the concerned persons.

Estimated cost

These rates (full and standard rate) includes lodging, breakfast, meals and the conference rooms, but do not include ground transportation, telephone, local public internet access (if any), bar, etc... The exact final rate may be slightly different, depending on final arrangements and the amount of CNRS support.


Note that it will not be possible to pay the conference center directly with credit cards, even if this would have been the most convenient thing to do! Due to many administrative reasons, everything will have to be paid to LSCE using one of the following means. LSCE will provide a detailed bill, which is the reason why we have to know about your exact plans (arrival and departure dates, accompanying family members) and how you intend to pay as soon as possible!

Miscellaneous notes


   Florence Gerry

   Pascale Braconnot


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