PMIP 2 Data Flow


Participating groups  
Data preparation
  • Run experiments with apropriate boundary conditions
  • Process variables
    Required means, standard names/units/conventions, netCDF file format with CF conventions

    Don't forget to perform quality control tests on variables!
Data submission
  • Send variables to LSCE by ftp
  • Send model/experiment documentation
  • Keep a backup of what has been sent!
Data quality control
  • Note that the participating groups are expected to perform the quality control before sending the data...
  • Check data structure
    File names, variable names, compliance with miscellaneous conventions
  • Check data values
    Benefit from PCMDI xMIP know-how
Data ingestion
  • Insert validated data in DB
  • Use a simple file hierarchy to be compatible with as many data access means as possible
Data logging
  • Try to allow a good tracing of the data!
  • For all processing stages, provide automated logs and statistics of what is currently being done, and what has been done (and changed)
  • Make logs available on the web site
Participating groups  
Data access
  • Download data from LSCE
  • All data access means must provide access control to restrict data access to participating groups.
    Data policy?
  • Low level
    NFS (local access), ftp, scp, CVS
  • High level
    DODS, Live Access Server (should provide quick-looks and zone extraction, in binary and ascii format)
Data use

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