PMIP 2 Lagrangian Analysis


Lagrangian analyses

Lagrangian analyses of the coupled simulations will be performed by Sabrina Speich and Bruno Blanke of the LPO.

The PMIP 2 participants are requested to suply Sabrina Speich and Bruno Blanke with output fields that fit ARIANE's formalism, in order to help them derive fast and reliable Lagrangian diagnostics from the participants' results.

Basically, the models' outputs have to be adjusted to the structure of a C-grid (introduced in Arakawa's classification [1981]), as it is their standard grid format as well as a natural framework to express mass conservation. More details can be found in the PMIP 2 and the ARIANE format document.

Please get directly in touch with Sabrina Speich and Bruno Blanke to send the requested monthly ocean fields of a typical/climatological year gridded or re-gridded on a C-grid.

The special ocean fields will maybe be stored in a special section of the PMIP 2 database, eventhough they are (probably) not on a regular grid. Please try to meet the IPCC/PMIP 2 constraints as much as possible. The best way to do it is probably to write a small program to rewrite your output fields so that they are as close as possible to what is described in the Requirements for IPCC Standard Output on the PMIP 2 and the IPCC Requirements page.

The names of the files should use the following template:
where grid is the name of the ocean model's grid (e.g. orcagrid).


Associated files

PMIP 2 and the ARIANE format [pdf] CDAT script [py]

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